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Lesson 11.13: Greek Letters


Although many foreign alphabets may be used in math, the Greek alphabet is one of the most common alphabets used. When a letter from a foreign alphabet is used, it must be preceded by its corresponding alphabetic indicator. For Greek letters, this is dots four six. If the letter is capitalized, the Greek letter indicator, dots four six, is followed by dot six. Greek letters should be treated as mathematical symbols.

Listed below are the most commonly used lowercase Greek letters

alpha α

beta β

gamma γ

delta δ

epsilon ε

zeta ζ

eta η

theta θ

iota ι

kappa κ

lambda λ

mu μ

nu ν

xi ξ

omicron ο

pi π

rho ρ

sigma σ

tau τ

upsilon υ

phi φ

chi χ

psi ψ

omega ω

Listed below are the most commonly used uppercase Greek letters

Gamma Γ

Delta Δ

Theta Θ

Lambda Λ

Xi Ξ

Pi Π

Sigma Σ

Upsilon Υ

Phi Φ

Psi Ψ

Omega Ω

Example 1

From alpha to gamma.

Example 2

Sine theta equals 40 degrees

Example 3

The formula for the area of a circle; A equals pi times r squared

Example 4

a fraction with numerator Delta x and denominator Delta y

Example 5

mu sub x bar

Example 6

kappa plus iota

Example 7

sine squared beta

Example 8

open parenthesis kappa plus iota close parenthesis

Example 9

sigma squared

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