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Lesson 3.8: Introduction to Nemeth Indicator


Opening Nemeth Indicator

Closing Nemeth Indicator

Single-word Switch Indicator


The Nemeth Code Indicators distinguish text of the document written using the Nemeth Code from text written in Unified English Braille (UEB). There is an opening Nemeth Code indicator (⠸⠩) and a closing Nemeth Code indicator (⠸⠱). The opening Nemeth Code indicator starts Nemeth mode and the closing Nemeth Code indicator closes Nemeth mode. Nemeth mode uses Nemeth braille characters and rules with the added exception that no contractions are used.

There are several methods for inserting the indicators, but the two main methods are Simple and Spatial. This lesson covers the simple method for inserting the Nemeth Code indicators. This lesson is just an introduction and it is not within the scope of this tutorial to cover every possibility. Please refer to Guidance for Transcription Using the Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts from BANA for more information.


When the Nemeth material is displayed within the UEB text and is more than a single number, insert the opening Nemeth Code indicator and a space before the Nemeth material, and insert the closing Nemeth Code indicator and a space after the Nemeth material.

Example 1

I owe you12of the purchase price.

Always use Nemeth Code indicators with fractions.

Example 2

What does2+2equal?

Avoid over switching

Do not use multiple Nemeth Code indicators when code switching would occur too frequently and become distracting. This includes punctuation, even when the punctuation is a part of the sentence structure and not a part of the numbers or equation. For punctuation, use Nemeth punctuation.

For a single word within a Nemeth passage, use the Single-word Switch Indicator (⠠⠄).

Example 3

How would you simplify525,630, and480?

Single-word Switch Indicator

The Single-word Switch Indicator can only be used for a single word and cannot be used twice in a row. Contractions are allowed for this one word- though contractions are not used within the Nemeth Tutorial. A space terminates the effect of the indicator.

When not to use Nemeth Code indicators

Freestanding, whole numbers should be transcribed in UEB unless they are combined with mathematical punctuation (a plus sign, for instance). The basic rule is that if a number is not used in a mathematical context, then that number is transcribed in UEB.

Example 4

I have4apples.

Example 5

Did you watch Football ShowXXXII?

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