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Lesson 4.4: Degrees


degree or hollow dot


The symbol for degree or degrees is used to represent temperature and to measure angles. The symbol for degree in print is a hollow dot that is raised slightly higher than the other symbols to which it is connected, that is, it is superscripted. When the hollow dot is not superscripted, it is not a symbol for degree; it becomes a sign of operation. When the symbol for degree follows a number or other symbol, it is composed of at least three braille cells. One cell is used to indicate that the hollow dot is superscripted, the superscript indicator, dots four five. Two cells represent the actual hollow dot, dots four six, dots one six. The superscript indicator is used to indicate that the character that follows is raised higher than the other symbols on the print line. Its influence on the character that follows is ended by a space or by the baseline indicator, dot five. The next two cells form the hollow dot. The second cell contains a configuration that has multiple uses and applications in the Nemeth Code, dots four six. It is followed in the third cell by dots one six.

Example 1

the degree sign used to indicate a temperature with no unit

one hundred four degrees

Example 2

the degree used to show the measure of an angle A

Angle A equals forty five degrees

Often, the symbol for degree is used with the abbreviations for Fahrenheit or Centigrade. When the capital letter F or C is used following the symbol for degree leave a blank cell after the hollow dot, braille the English letter sign, dots five-six, braille the capitalization indicator, dot six, and then braille the appropriate letter F or C.

Example 3

thirty two degrees Fahrenheit

Example 4

thirteen degrees Celsius

When a degree symbol is followed by another mathematical symbol, the baseline indicator, dot five, must first be used so that the reader knows that the material is not also superscripted.

Example 5

two angle measures added together

thirty degrees plus sixty degrees equals ninety degrees

Example 6

a degree symbol with punctuation

The angle measure is twenty degrees.

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