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Lesson 5.3: Directed Signed


superscript indicator

+ plus sign

- minus sign

baseline indicator


The symbols for plus and minus are also used to indicate directed or signed values. In most cases there is no distinction between a plus or minus sign used as a sign of operation or used to indicate a directed numeral or symbol. A directed numeral designates a value as positive by using the plus sign, or negative by using the minus sign before the numeral or symbol. Usually if a number is positive, the plus sign will not be shown. However, in some cases the plus sign is shown. In addition, the plus and minus signs may be raised. In such cases, the superscript and baseline indicators must be used properly.

Guidelines for the use of plus and minus symbols when used to indicate signed numerals

The guidelines for brailling directed numerals are the same as for brailling these symbols as signs of operation, with one exception. If a negative numeral occurs at the beginning of a braille line or after a space, the numeric indicator should be placed between the minus sign and the numeral. This aids in the correct interpretation of the symbols since the numeric indicator provides a reference for the vertical placement of the braille dots. In all other cases, the numeric indicator is not required. The use of signed numerals following signs of comparison, such as the equals sign, will be presented in subsequent lessons.

If the minus sign is raised in front of the number, the numeric indicator is not used.

Example 1


Example 2


Example 3


Example 4


Example 5

-7, +2

Example 6

-7, +2

Example 7


Example 8


Example 9


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