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Lesson 2.2: Decimal Point


. decimal point


The decimal point in the Nemeth Code is composed of dots four and six. A decimal point is a symbol used to separate the whole number portion from the portion whose value is less than a whole number.

There is no space between the decimal point and any numerals associated with it.

If there is no numeral to the left of the decimal point, the numeric indicator must be used before the decimal point when the decimal point is the first character on a braille line, or the decimal point is the first character after a space.

When numerals with decimals are used with signs of operation or signs of comparison, follow the rules for those signs regarding the use of the numeric indicator. For example, when any numeral follows a sign of operation, such as a plus or minus sign, the numeric indicator is not used. This also applies when a decimal point or numeral containing a decimal point follows a sign of comparison.

The decimal point is to be treated as a numeric symbol only when it is associated with numbers.

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