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Lesson 2.3: Monetary Sign: Dollar and Cent


$dollar sign

¢cents sign


The symbols for dollar and cent are often used with the decimal point. The dollar and cent symbols take up two cells. In both cases, the first cell is a dot four. The second cell for the dollar symbols is a letter "s". The second cell for the cent is the letter "c". The print symbol for dollar includes the letter "s". the print symbol for cent contains the letter "c". To review, the braille symbol for dollar is a dot four followed by the dots two-three-four to form the 's". The braille symbol for cent is a dot four followed by the dots one and four to form the letter "c".

The symbols for currency appear exactly as they do in print. The dollar symbol should appear to the left of the numeral, and the cent cent symbol goes to the right of the numeral.

No space should be left between these symbols and numbers or other mathematical characters.

These symbols are considered mathematical characters.

Since the dollar sign is a full braille cell tall, no numeric indicator is used with the dollar sign.

Remember that since the dollar and cent symbols are mathematical symbols, no space should be left between an operation and the dollar or cent sign. Also, if the dollar or cent sign are used with a sign of comparison such as an equals, greater than, or less than symbol, it should be spaced as discussed earlier.

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